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TARA Spring and Summer 2015
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into the light
LEARN  BPD ADVOCACY ISSUES Affecting Treatment Outcome


TARA METHOD of PSYCHOEDUCATION  tara Method brochure
The TARA Method honors your motivation and intelligence by providing you with tools and techniques for decreasing emotional episodes that may end in crisis . TARA's classes are  intensive learning experiences,not support groups. The TARA Method, a family lifesaver, will guide you to repairing estranged relationships, improving communication and encouraging your loved one to participate in evidence based BPD therapy.BPD is a 24 hour disorder that is triggered by events in the environment.  Learn how to avert catastrophes before they happen. 
           You have probably sought professional help, may have received inappropriate and harmful advice, or may have done the wrong thing for the right reasons. Unfortunately, therapy alone will not solve the problem. Research  shows  that informed families can become treatment adjuncts. TARA can teach you how to be a therapeutic parent, partner or loved one. 
8 week NYC Family Survival Skills 
8 Tuesday Evenings     6:30 to 10:30 PM
 April 21, 28, May 5,12, 26, June 2,9,16, 2015
 Struggling to cope with a loved one with BPD?
 Communicating and Coping Effectively
Support and How to Help
How to provide ongoing help How to recognize, avoid & prevent triggering  escalations. How to decrease stressful interaction How to reinforce effective behaviors. How to repair estranged relationships. How to motivate participation in evidence based treatment. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem. Become a therapeutic parent or partner  
A PARENT: It is heart warming and encouraging to know there are others in the trenches. The pain and courage in that room gave me strength andHELP IS ON THE WAY understanding and a new outlook on the future....... I now feel more capable of meeting the challenge. You all come from the heart, long buffeted by BPD hurricanes. It's up to me now. I must learn a new language
 Individual         TARA member  $ 375    Non Tara Member    $425
 Couple             TARA Member   $ 725    Non TARA Member  $795
               To register,  call 212-966-6514 or email tara4bpd@gmail.com
TARA Weekend June 5-6-7, 2015 
Family Survival Skills Workshop  
June 5-6-7, July 17-18-19, August 21-22-23, 2015 
"The lessons, memories, feelings, skills and hopes from this recent weekend are with me, I feel so much comfort and reduced isolation. When I hit a setback or snag, I visualize all of us sitting together in the circle,feel your support and that you are all rooting for me, for my  for all of us."
 Communicating and Coping Effectively How to provide ongoing help How to recognize, avoid & prevent triggering escalations. How to decrease stressful interaction How to reinforce effective behaviors. How to repair estranged relationships. How to motivateparticipation in evidence based treatment. How to become part of the solution, not part of the problem.   How to become a therapeutic parent or partner
                                    Individual $390   Couple  $775  
                             Information and Registration for June 5-6-7 Workshop, click here 

LIVING with BPD:   Psychoeducation & Support
Alternate Thursdays  April 30,   
From Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion for those with BPD

NYC BPD Psychoeducation Workshops
for people who think they may have BPD
                Alternate Thursdays 
        A safe place to learn about BPD
            or call 212-966-6514 or tara4bpd@gmail.com
 Advanced Family Mentalization Training 
Alternate Thursdays


Mentalization quote

Improve Relationships & Fosters Empathic Communication
Mentalization is a new evidence based treatment for BPD that offers a different perspective on how people with BPD think. It focuses on understanding the misunderstandings that interfere with relationships,how people think and feel in the moment when they are relating each other. Mentalization increases understanding of your own and other people's minds, 

with Shame
is an emotion that is generally misunderstood.
TARA is attempting to shine light on what the experience of shame feels like so as to motivate new research and  foster compassion for those who experience shame as a core component of their sense of self. 
Unfortunately, SHAME seems to be a painful emotion  often experienced by people with BPD. 
Shame: A negative and painful feeling in which the entire self is viewed as bad and/or worthless. Shame is a negative, painful, social emotion that can be seen as resulting from one's actions or feelings being compared to one's self-expectations or standards.
  "I am bad." "I am a bad person."
If you have BPD, please help us by completing this survey evaluating your personal experience with Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment and Humiliation.
All of us at TARA thank you for your participation 
TARA Helpline
TOLL FREE Helpline   Daily 12 noon to 6 PM telephone
EST 1-888-4 TARAAPD  (1-888-827-2273)
www.tara4bpd.org   email tara4bpd@gmail.com 
      Call     Valerie Porr at 212-966-6514
Help TARA Help You! Survey to 
Share your  Treatment and Diagnosis Experiences

Survey on your experience in finding help for BPD 
You can access the survey using the following link: 
This TARA survey aims to collect data on and quantify your experiences in searching for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of your problems. It is only with data quanitfying your experiences that we can advocate effectively to demand action to improve diagnosis and availability of evidence-based treatment. TARA developed this survey in response to observations garnered from our helpline and family classes indicating that appropriate diagnosis and treatment is a major stumbling block towards getting help. 
         We at TARA appreciate your helping us to help you by taking the time to answer the questions in this survey. This is an anonymous survey that you can do from your own computer. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, depending on the number of experiences you have had with the system. 
         If you have had the experience of being misdiagnosed or receiving ineffective treatment for BPD, please help  TARA to advocate for improvements in diagnosis and availability of BPD treatment. Thank you!
BPD is the stepchild of mental illness. 
 Evidence Based Treatment for BPD is not available for those who need it. Wait lists, extremely high treatment costs, insurance coverage generally declined, untrained professionals, misdiagnosis, mistreatment, stigma against the disorder and against the families, all add up to a TREATMENT CRISIS
Prevalence of BPD
            Compared to Other Mental Illnesses 


 Source NIMH

Funding for BPD 
Compared to Other Mental Illnesses

BPD research does not receive  
the funding its' prevalence merits.   
                                                                                                                       * source PUBMED
into the light

Bring this travesty of inadequate research funding and  una
vailability of treatment 
to the attention of your congressman, your senator, your State Mental Health Commissioner or anyone you think can help! 

Let others know that BPD i
s both a neglected public health problem and a personal hell.

Volunteer to Help TARA 
help all of us lost in the morass of neglected BPD 



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