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The TARA BPD Family Empowerment Handbook


Dear Friends:

                If you are reading this letter, you’ve already contacted TARA when, desperate and overwhelmed, you sought help for yourself or a family member living with borderline personality disorder. By now you’ve probably been on the psychiatric-diagnostic merry go round, spending huge amounts on treatments that didn’t solve the problem. We at TARA know that you love this person, won’t give up, and will keep searching for ways to help them. We know how difficult it is to find effective, evidence based BPD treatment and compassionate support.  If you’ve experienced a therapist dropping your loved one from treatment, your loved one refusing to be “fixed” by yet another new treatment, or find treatment too expensive or unavailable in your community, you have realized that you are the only one your loved one can count on for help.

              BPD is a 24-hour disorder. It is a disability and, like diabetes, needs to be managed. You need a road map for how to make the environment a safer place for the person with BPD, to predict and avoid triggers and escalations.  You need practice speaking BPD language, “emotion speak”, and practice in implementing our counter-intuitive techniques. A parent at a NY Workshop “I was overwhelmed by how easily and effortlessly I can devastate my daughter with my words. The thought of hurting that girl rips my heart out. I am so grateful for all you are teaching us....I have so much more to learn! “  Not everyone can attend our NYC practice workshops

           To answer this need,
TARA initiated an exciting new project and needs your help

The BPD Family Empowerment Handbook will give you the tools to make a difference in the life of your loved one with BPD. Just as book clubs offer people the chance to meet and discuss their experiences, this Handbook will give you the opportunity to meet others in your community. It will guide you in practicing implementation of our evidence based, often anti-intuitive methods. The handbook will provide practice scripts, role plays, exercises, and alternatives for what to do to do in difficult situations. Most importantly, these research based techniques will ensure that stigma and misinformation about BPD won’t harm your loved one. 

Please make a donation so TARA can create this much needed tool to help you. 


How You Can Help:

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