"What I hoped to gain from the weekend - I hoped to hear TRUTH - no matter how painful or challenging; I hoped to receive COMFORT from others walking the same rocky road; I hoped to develop COURAGE to change what I can change within myself, and COURAGE to live the life I believe God has laid before me. My hopes were realized in every way!"

"It is heart warming and encouraging to know there are others in the trenches. The pain and courage in that room gave me strength understanding , and  and a new outlook on the future............."

"Thank you TARA for this amazing, insightful, heartfelt weekend; ........it was an emotionally charged capsule of insight that taught us to use all of our senses differently when communicating with, not only our BPD family members, but in life as well. The act of listening with intention and adjusting our communication style to the receiver will benefit all relationships we encounter". 

"Exceeded my lofty expectations, truly educated me, humbled me, touched me and bonded me in a way I never would have considered possible. I think I can be a better dad to my daughter for having been there".

"I now feel more capable of meeting the challenge. You all come from the heart, long buffeted by BPD hurricanes. It's up to me now. I must learn a new language".

From a professional: "I have been to many trainings. This was by far the best I've ever come across for BPD".

"Our shared suffering was the key that opened the way for me. .....who knew total strangers could bond so quickly and deeply in such a short space of time?  Our sorrow has accumulated over the years until it was almost impossible to bear.  Thanks to TARA, the astonishing Valerie and her colleagues, it has become a bit more bearable . . . and, for this, I will be forever grateful. . . . education gives one hope and this is what you and your wonderful people have done for me".

"Valerie, your dedication and devotion to this cause is a gift to those who cross your path. I believe you are an angel, leading us out of the depths of darkness towards the warm, welcoming light of hope".