Understanding BPD:
Research and Treatment

BPD is often misunderstood, misdiagnosed and stigmatized. We at TARA try to provide you with the latest evidence based research results and explanations and referrals to evidence- based treatment. We will provide you with links to the actual research and explanations of DBT, Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) and Transference- Focused Psychotherapy (TFP). 

Video: Valerie Porr  
Oct. 2015 Montreal, CA 

International Society for the Study of Personality Disorder
Gathering of Mental Health and the Churches.. CA

What is Bordeline Personality Disorder? What's Going on Inside the Brain of Someone with BPD? How can Families Help?

 4th International Congress on BPD
Bridging the Gap
--from Basic Science to Treatment Implementation 

8-10 September, 2016
Vienna, Austria

  • BPD Misdiagnosis & Mistreatment

  • Feelings of Shame

  • Immune Disorders

TARA survey's aim to learn about your experiences
coping with Borderline Personality Disorder. It is only
with data quantifying your experiences that we can motivate new research and advocate effectively to demand action to improve diagnosis, availability of evidence-based BPD treatment and increased research funding. TARA developed these surveys in response to observations garnered over 20 years from our helpline and family classes indicating that appropriate diagnosis and treatment is a major stu
mbling block towards getting help with BPD, shame is a major problem and immune disorders seem to be highly prevalent.

New BPD Research

 A New Perspective on the Pathophysiology of BPD: A Model of the Role of Oxytocin

   By Sabine Herpertz and Katja Bertsch

         This article is a concise review of current research, clearly demonstrating the interpersonal hypersensitivity, difficulty in trusting others and pervasive misperceptions of situations, especially interpersonal situations. Dr. Herpertz and Dr. Bertsch make a strong case for future research on the role of Oxytocin in BPD. 

Meet the Experts

Kevin  Meehan, PhD
May 9, 2016    7:00-9:30 PM

Facial Emotional Recognition in BPD

meehan & bio 2.jpg

Meet Rebbie Ratner
May 19, 2016
Thursday 7:00 PM

The director of the film, who has the BPD diagnosis, will be
at the screening to discuss & answer questions
"Borderline" is the first documentary to capture the lived
experience of BPD.

    SYNOPSIS: the first time regina tried to kill herself, she was 5 now she's 45, hell-bent on                 trying to live--most of the time.

    SYNOPSIS: the first time regina tried to kill herself, she was 5 now she's 45, hell-bent on                 trying to live--most of the time.

Meet Valerie Porr:  Webinar
Saturday May 21, 2016
Call in with your questions

Meet Dennis Tirch, PhD
May 25, 2016
Wednesday 7-9:30 PM

Compassion Focused Therapy

TARA's Borderline Suicide Memorial Wall

Due to the stigma towards those with borderline personality disorder, families do not have a means to honor those they love lost because of BPD.

  To validate their suffering and their courage in living with the pain of BPD, we invite those who have lost a loved one to Borderline Suicide to honor their loved one by posting their photo on TARA's Borderline Suicide Memorial Wall.

Honor your loved one lost to
Borderline Suicide

The TARA Method of Family

NYC 8 Week TARA Method Family Survival Skills Class
Learn how to Help
Become a Therapeutic PArent/Partner

8 week workshop.jpg

Thursday May 26,2016 7-9 PM
Get the Facts:  Living with BPD
Support & Psychoed
for those with BPD   

JUNE 24-25-26, 2016 &

AUGUST 12-13-14, 2016

New York City
Graduate Review & Support
Family Survival Skills
Thursday June 2,  2016