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Donate to TARA’s Grassroots BPD Research

Dear Friends of TARA,
             If you are reading this letter, you already know about TARA4BPD and the work we do to help people with BPD and their families. For the past 25 years we’ve listened to thousands of first hand BPD experiences and family observations, often dismissed and trivialized by professionals, some who continue to blame families for causing BPD. Fortunately for us, the Internet now allows us to collect data that can explore and validate your experiences. 

Family’s perspectives can inform researchers.

Researchers need data to know about the early childhood behavior, sensitivities and experiences of those later diagnosed with BPD. This data is more reliable than the BPD “self-reports”, the basis of so many BPD studies. Cutting-edge research shows that people with BPD have perception and memory deficits, their childhood memories may not always be accurate. You already know that your recollections differ from theirs.

Researchers need to hear your voice!

TARA’s Grassroots Research can provide new perspectives on family experiences, can reveal correlations and relationships that might otherwise be overlooked. We can finally reframe clinical attitudes towards families, vindicating you from the stigma and blame that hangs over BPD families, finally acknowledging the power of loving families to help, to collaborate for change.

What Our Data Can Do

Provide researchers with data about:

  • Early childhood sensory sensitivity and irregular sleep patterns as potential indicators of future development of BPD. Only you have this information. What would you have done differently had you known this high sensitivity could be a sign of later BPD?

  • How the person with BPD experiences the emergency room and hospitalization. Do your "safety" concerns do more harm than good? Is there another way you can respond to crisis?

  • BPD DNA. The BPD genome has hardly been studied. Only you, collectively, can provide the large number of DNA samples needed to study genetics in BPD and families.

  • How SHAME inducing interactions trigger BPD behaviors in the moment. If you could recognize and avoid shame triggers, frequency and intensity of episodes would decrease.

 What Your Donation Will Do

  • Help increase TARA’s office capacity for research, update and expand our computer capacity for data analysis, hire professional data analysts.

  • Help disseminate TARA research findings and family perspectives by funding travel and conference expenses for TARA leaders and dedicated interns to present symposia, workshops and posters.at international research conferences.

  • Fund gifted students to pursue further study of BPD by giving them the opportunity to network with renowned BPD research experts at international research conferences.

TARA Grassroots Research needs your support.

Please give generously to help us improve the future for you and those with BPD. Given the widespread stigma towards people with BPD and their families, who better than you can change this attitude and create a better future for those who suffer with BPD?

Thank you for your support and partnership in our lifesaving work.

With much appreciation
Valerie Porr.
President. Founder TARA4BPD

P.S. Thank you for doing whatever you can!  If everyone who has benefited from TARA’s services
gives according to their means, Grassroots Research can go forward and make a difference!
I look forward to sharing and celebrating our research results with you.

Suggested Donations

Superhero - $10,000           Champion - $5,000               Visionary - $2,500             Leader - $1,000

Innovator - $500                 Advocate - $250                    Friend - $100                      Associate - $50

To make a donation by check (make check payable to TARA4BPD), send to TARA4BPD, 23 Greene St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013.

To donate by credit card, click the Donate button to the right.