Change Your Anger Into Empathy



 The TARA Method honors your motivation and intelligence by providing you with tools and techniques for decreasing emotional episodes that may end in crisis . TARA's classes are  intensive learning experiences, not support groups. The TARA Method, a family lifesaver, will guide you to repairing estranged relationships, improving communication and encouraging your loved one to participate in evidence based BPD therapy. BPD is a 24 hour disorder that is triggered by events in the environment.  Learn how to avert catastrophes before they happen. 

 You have probably sought professional help, may have received inappropriate and harmful advice, or may have done the wrong thing for the right reasons. Unfortunately, therapy alone will not solve the problem. Research  shows  that informed families can become treatment adjuncts. TARA can teach you how to be a therapeutic parent, partner or loved one.

Family Empowerment Workshop

HELP by becoming part of the solution rather than part of the family stress  

LEARN new methods for communicating with your loved one.
LEARN new coping skills based on DBT.
LEARN how to validate emotional responses by applying DBT skills.
REDEVELOP trust leading to your loved one finally seeking appropriate treatment that will enable him/her to lead a life worth living.


Couples Group February 1,2,3

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