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What You Will Learn

Family Experience
Why are you the recipient of what seems  to be irrational, extreme responses to what you consider to be normal situations? Why does however you try to do to help  backfire?  Do you feel confused, powerless, and frightened?
Underlying BPD Biology
A neurological explanation of BPD symptoms  through understanding  the brain systems in dysregulation in BPD. Learn the latest BPD research findings.
What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?
How does a person change their behavior? Actually learn new behaviors? What is the difference between reinforcement and punishment. How does our thinking influence our behavior? Key concepts such as shaping, reframing, catastrophizing, personalization, parallel language, cost-benefit analyzing, jumping to conclusions, fortune telling, mind reading, gray training, will be explained.
The Language of Emotions?
What function do emotions serve? How are emotions recognized, interpreted and expressed?  Why are these skill so important for communicating with people with BPD? How do we improve emotional communication?Validation
What is validation and how do you do it? Why is it so important to validate the emotions of someone with BPD? Learn helpful things to say and ways to avoid escalations in stressful situations. Learn when and how to apologize. Be effective instead of part of the problem.
Radical Acceptance: Processing Grief:
How to re-frame your expectations and accept your loved one as he/she is!  Rituals for grieving your loses and the losses of your loved one with BPD shared in the group.
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).
What is DBT? How does it differ from other treatments? Why does it work? How do you find the Kernel of Truth in what a person with BPD experiences? Understand why tough love and simple boundary setting don't generally work for people with BPD. Analyze and interpret behavior,  establish priorities. Develop a coping skills support team. Practice Cheerleading and role playing within the group. Be part of a self help telephone network
Work towards making the family a therapeutic environment that teaches and reinforces adaptive coping skills. be empowered by becoming a part of TARA's advocacy & educational activities.

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