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Understanding BPD:  Research & Treatment

BPD is often misunderstood, misdiagnosed and stigmatized. We at TARA try to provide you with the latest evidence based research results and explanations and referrals to evidence- based treatment. We will provide you with links to the actual research and explanations of DBT, Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) and Transference- Focused Psychotherapy (TFP). 

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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr


Finally, TARA's group provides a supportive and safe place to learn about BPD. It is a psychoeducation group where people coping with BPD can come together in safety, share their stories and find strength in a common bond of shared suffering and understanding. If you have been diagnosed with BPD or are exploring the possibility that you might have the disorder, join us for learning, support and conversation. This peer- focused group is practical and solution- oriented. It is neither group therapy nor a support group nor is it a substitute for treatment. This group will provide you with accurate, science- based information about BPD; how it is treated; and options for treatment such as DBT, Mentalization, and Transference- Focused Psychotherapy. We will learn techniques to repair relationships, reduce shame and validate psychic panic. We will discuss fears and stigma and the courage it takes to accept BPD. We aim to bridge the chasm between those with BPD and their loved ones by fostering compassion for each other. Diagnosis of BPD not required to attend, merely an openness to explore the possibility. 

Meetings take place alternate Thursday evenings. For more information call 212-966-6514 or tara4bpd@gmail.com.

"The lessons, memories, feelings, skills and hopes from this recent weekend are with me, I feel so much comfort and reduced isolation. When I hit a setback or snag, I visualize all of us sitting together in the circle,feel your support and that you are all rooting for me, for my  for all of us." Communicating and Coping Effectively How to provide ongoing help How to recognize, avoid & preventtriggering escalations. How to decrease stressful interaction How to reinforce effective behaviors. How to repair estranged relationships. How to motivateparticipation in evidence based treatment. How to become part of the solution, not part of the problem.   How to become a therapeutic parent or partner

                                    Individual $390   Couple  $775 

The TARA Method of     Family Psychoeducation